2015 is the year for change. The National Convention in Hollywood, Florida is the place.

When will our union step forward, with confidence, to embrace its future? Convention 2015 offers us a great opportunity. NTEU is in vital need of energetic, fresh leadership that can effectively represent all its membership. NTEU deserves to be more of a player on the national scene. As National President, Eddie’s goal would be to bring higher visibility to our union, with a more accessible media approach. Eddie would stress more outreach to employees, visiting more sites than ever before, in order to call attention to Chapter issues and build membership.

Eddie has already demonstrated his solidarity by reaching out to other Chapter Leaders, and joining them in common cause and friendship. When no one else would step forward to challenge the status quo, Eddie represented the progressive forces in NTEU. As a consequence, National NTEU has already adopted many of his ideas, but with mixed results. Could Eddie do better than the “Old Guard” who are running to replace the retiring Colleen Kelley?

With Eddie Walker as President, Chapter Presidents will not only be represented on national teams, their views will be respected and listened to. More power will be invested in the hands of the Chapters. If you believe that those who labor in the trenches best understand the challenges on the front lines, then you believe in Eddie’s vision of teamwork.

Diversity is a reality in the workplace. As a Chapter President, Eddie has driven the local EEO process beyond its self-limited mission serving the interests of management, to a broader conception that favors the future of employees. NTEU’s national office has long been criticized for its lack of diversity in hiring and advancement. With Eddie Walker as President, the face of NTEU will better reflect the face of its membership.

The Field Offices should better mirror the experience of the Chapter Presidents and the employees that they represent. One of the first actions of the Eddie Walker Presidency will be to dispatch a team to visit the Field Offices, analyze the personnel, and ensure that the staff is thoroughly serving the needs of NTEU members. The Field Office should demonstrate greater diversity, including more persons with front line experience—such as past and present Chapter Leaders—and only as many high cost lawyers as we actually need to do the job, no more—but no less!

“National NTEU will not be a distant force…I…will be there with you, visiting more sites than ever before, to help you to build your Chapters and your membership—and to shape the next generation of leadership for NTEU—and we’ll be there to share your burdens…No agency that we represent should feel that its issues have been placed on the back burner—because no Chapter should feel small as long as NTEU is responsible for watching its back.” – Eddie Walker