The record of the Field Offices—despite the welcome appointment of a new Director at the top—has not improved since Eddie focused attention on the issue in 2007. Diverting resources away from Chapters has persisted as a problem, and there have been no gains in the level of support—or the quality of advice—provided to the rank and file. In 2007, Field personnel were often well-paid but lacking in leadership. That situation has not changed.

As Eddie has long advocated, the Field Offices should better mirror the experience of Chapter Leaders and the employees that they represent. One of the first actions of an Eddie Walker Presidency will be to dispatch a team to visit the Field Offices, analyze the personnel, and ensure that the staff is thoroughly representing the interests of our membership. Key to this assessment process is consulting with the Chapter Presidents served by each particular Field Office. Are you satisfied with your Field representation? If so, a new NTEU led by Eddie Walker is ready to hear it. If not, Eddie is ready to change it.

The Field Office should demonstrate greater diversity, including more persons with front line experience—such as past and present Chapter Leaders—and only as many high cost lawyers as we actually need to do the job, no more—but no less!

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