The incumbent convinced us all that buying the NTEU Headquarters was an excellent investment and a prestigious undertaking. The surprise selling of the property in 2010 was, therefore, a blow to many Chapter Leaders. The justification for the sale was unconvincing to many. Centered in an iconic neighborhood that encompasses the White House, the building was not in danger of losing its long term value. After all, the buyer thought it was worth $60 million. Why, then, would the incumbent sell the National Headquarters, unless NTEU needed cash?

In addition, the President asserted that she did not need to notify Chapter Leaders of the sale before hand, and she didn’t. She further maintained that she was not obligated to seek the approval of the NTEU Executive Board, and she didn’t. The sale papers were signed before the leadership was aware of it.  The lack of transparency naturally increases skepticism over the business judgment behind the sale.