“This is the time…to choose a future that explodes with possibilities…that takes the best from our collective past and experience, and builds a strong, fighting force for the betterment of our members—and yet offers a strong vision of what unions can do for the benefit of the rest of the nation.” – Eddie Walker

Eddie Walker has been elected to six consecutive terms as President of Chapter 247, IRS, Austin, Texas. He is a candidate for NTEU National President, and he is seeking the support of your Chapter’s delegates at the NTEU National Convention in Hollywood, Florida, Monday, August 10, through Thursday, August 13, 2015.

Now that time and retirement is forcing a change of leadership at the very top, Eddie is asking you to join him, as we undertake to shape the future of our union. His opponents have never been federal employees, and as NTEU staff members, their experience is limited. In 2011, Eddie put forward a vision for our union that cannot be matched, and you can read his views—from posts back then and now, as we approach the 2015 Convention—on this website. Check back for frequent updates. You can also watch Eddie’s campaign DVD here.

Can NTEU be stronger, more effective, and command more visibility on the national stage? Eddie believes that we can, if we utilize the experience and enthusiasm of our diverse membership, federal employees all. Read Eddie’s vision for NTEU on this website, and watch his DVD, to see if you agree with him.